Location: Blue Banyan Animal Shelter

Upon awakening at 6:30, the students drove a grueling hour to see crocodiles and to take an amazing hike to see the diverse rainforest and exotic wildlife. After lunch, the students pushed through a grueling hour and a half of thick humidity but were happy to help Kids Saving the Rainforest, an organization that helps rehabilitate injured or abandoned jungle animals. The project consisted of installing steps in the treacherous hills of a sloth rehabilitation center. After we finished our work, we returned to our hotel to take a much-needed swim. Everyone enjoyed their time in the pool, and 10:00 p.m. it was time to go back rooms. The hotel we’re staying at is so beautiful and exclusive. That night, we couldn’t stop talking about all the animals we saw at the shelter, plus their history and where they came from. In other words, it was a lovely day.