Location: Reykjavík

Early wake up sucked, but it was worth it! We got on the 8:30 am bus and went straight to Blue Lagoon. Blue Lagoon is the most impressive attraction I have personally been to; it was amazing. The water was so warm; it was a cloudy blue color and steam was covering the top of the natural steam baths. We stayed there and got free drinks, sadly only one but we got unlimited silica face masks which made our skin baby smooothhhhhh. We had our lunch there and quickly caught the bus to our hostel. Sadly it was raining so we got soaked in between the station and the hostel. Yo-Yo was the way to go after the rain, frozen yogurt with endless choices of what to put on. Mouthwatering. The Yo-Yo instantly fixed our moods and got us up and running. We had three hours to explore the town by ourselves, and we did (in the rain of course) which was a real bummer due to our clothes and shoes getting completely soaked. Everyone enjoyed the town and bought presents and gifts for family and friends. Arriving at our hostel we realized we were late so we did an insanely fast shower and got dressed to go for dinner. Dinner was great, we went to a traditional Icelandic pub where we tried fermented 300-year-old shark and ate awesome burgers and fish and chips. The way back was also great. We went past the famous church, Hallgrimskirkja, and the sun could be seen glimpsing from the clouds. We made it back all tired and ready for sleep. Fortunately, we had a last emotional activity where we wrote cards to each other and gave them back to get in an envelope tomorrow morning. Our Wonderful 14 day Iceland trip has come to an end and as excited as I am to go home, I’m also sad leaving this place, its people, it’s incredible breathe taking terrain and fantastic sites. An all round amazing trip and I can’t thank the counselors and GoBeyond enough for giving me all these memories and friends. THANK YOU!!


-Nondas A note from the counselors – we only had a few photos of this glorious day because we were all too busy enjoying our time. We’ve included a compilation of Toby and his rock stacks to make up for our lack of photos today 🙂