Location: Beijing

8:00 am. Hannah came to the room and woke us up. Everybody got dressed and went to the living room to have breakfast. As everyone arrived each one of them congratulated Lily for her birthday. And after eating something, we prepared our things to do service. Half of us, me included, went to the group home and the other half went to the baby home. We spent our morning there, and after that, we gathered in the Little Flower office to split into groups and make dumplings with the group home families. It was pretty fun because every one of us got the opportunity to see what a group home looked like plus the amazing opportunity to learn how to make dumplings! We made the dumplings, and then we ate them, and we gave some of them to the other kids. After this delicious meal, we went to do service again. So, the group who was in the group home went to the baby home and vice versa. We spent the afternoon there, and we came back to the apartment to take a shower and get ready for one of our nice dinners at hot pot. As we arrived at the restaurant everybody was starving so we attacked the food! It was cool 🙂 Each one of us had this little burner with a pot of boiling water where we put different meats and veggies to eat them and make kind of soup. It was amazing. Then, Catherine made a delicious chocolate cake (seriously the most amazing chocolate cake of all time), and everybody sang happy birthday in different languages: English, Hebrew, Spanish, French, and of course Chinese! And finally, after blowing all the birthday candles out, the staff surprised us with a karaoke party! We sang many songs like single ladies, one more night, butterfly, give me love, etc… I think that everybody liked the karaoke party, we sang and danced like crazy. Then we went back and went directly to bed because we were pretty exhausted. It was a really good day 🙂

ohhhh! And I almost forgot, for the 10th and last time… HAPPY BIRTHDAY LILY!!! 😛

PS: mama, papa, y hermanos: los extrano!! espero verlos pronto!