Location: Trellis Bay, Tortola

Today was a really good day and started perfectly with a wake up at 7:30. Breakfast was a perfect way to start the day with scrambled eggs and banana nut muffin. Credit for the eggs go to Robert. Especially after a fun day the day before, we had a big breakfast was perfect. After breakfast, we left Muskmellon Bay which was a beautiful spot in the BVI’s with crystal clear water. We sailed to Lee Bay where we were doing lionfish hunting. Lionfish are a very invasive fish, and they eat almost everything and so it is very important to keep their numbers down. We all went out snorkeling to find them and then Shaun, a staff member, caught two lionfish. After they were caught, we brought them back to the boat, and they were dissected. IT was very interesting to watch but it smelled horrible, possibly worse than the boy’s cabin, which to be fair is hard to keep clean when seven boys are sharing one toilet and one bedroom. After dissecting the lionfish, we motored to Trellis Bay, where we had some shore time, where everybody had some land food as that’s what some miss most. After shore time, we went to Sommer’s beach, where we had a really good BBQ and got to socialize with the other boats, other than the other Lifeworks boat which was nice. We came back to the boat after the BBQ, showered chilled and went to bed for another big day ahead.