Location: Muskmelon Bay, Guana Island

Mandatory Fun Day: the absolute best day of the session. The day started off quite differently than usual. I woke up to Charlotte and Griffin, staff from another boat, collecting pillowcases and teaching the chefs how to make French toast. This was different than the normal wake-up with music. All of the staff had a meeting in the morning, so the students were responsible for making breakfast, cleaning the dishes, and getting ready for the day before the staff got back. It took us a little while to all get-up and going, but once we got ready, we were all motivated to impress the staff and have everything done. The staff got back when we were in the middle of clean-up, and I got to go on a garbage delivery with “Jungus” where he let me drive the dinghy. Once we got back, we motored to Guana bay, where fun day really got started. It all started with a fun dinghy ride around the point on the island to see the native birds. Next, we all had the opportunity to do whatever we wanted in order to have the most fun day possible. Whether that meant water skiing/wakeboarding, tanning/relaxing on the boat, driving the dinghies, jumping off the boat, or snorkeling, it was up to you to make your day as fun as you wanted it to be. Hayley, Alexis, and I all started off our days by jumping off the boat together, and then we relaxed in the sun until we got to drive the dinghy.

Then other people took turns going on the super dinghies to go waterskiing. Once everyone got back, Jungus cooked made-to-order quesadillas. These were some of the best quesadillas we had all eaten. After lunch, a lot of us went snorkeling and saw a bunch of cool fish. I found some squid, a big pufferfish, a barracuda, a lionfish, and an octopus! I would say that that was a pretty successful snorkel. After the snorkel, we all got back on our boats and relaxed on the hard-top. Then we all took ocean showers as Gwen prepared delicious chili and rice for dinner. After dinner, we all talked about our days, and we realized how much fun we had. Everyone enjoyed their day doing different things, but I think we can all agree that today was one of the best days so far!