Location: Marina Cay

Today was a pretty chill day. We had pancakes for breakfast (thanks Gwen!) with maple syrup and cinnamon. Then, we began our sail back to Tortola. Soon after our arrival and a lunch of grilled cheese, thanks to Lydia and Nico, we headed out on a marine expedition to mark locations of lionfish. Lionfish are invasive and harm reefs, so data collection is important. Next, we sailed to Marina Cay to refill our water tanks, before taking freshwater Hibiclens showers. After that, dinner time! It was tortellini with garlic bread and salad. That brings me to now, evening on day 11. I can’t believe we’re already halfway through a great trip. Hopefully, Mandatory Fun Day tomorrow brings lots of great memories. Anyways, this is “Lil String.” Peace!