Location: West End, Tortola

Unlike most days, today we were all able to wake up later, though I still woke up around 6:30. Luckily we were having a decent meal for breakfast, pancakes, so at least I wasn’t hungry. We then sailed to West End, to the dock where we began our trip. We then prepared for the day and went out to a nearby shoreline to work with the mangroves. This was something; they were grown in mud, so walking in the muddy water was interesting. I worked with the plants themselves, planting them in PVC pipes. Following our mangroving, we then went and worked with a fellow go beyond boat on a park restoration project. There we spent 2-3 hours pulling weeds and cleaning up the place. It was tedious yet fulfilling work because it was awesome to see the massive portion we managed to clear. We then walked back to the boat and had a chill swim/shower sesh with the other boat, which brought the day to a close.