Location: Central Valley Costa Rica

The day started with another delightful buffet breakfast. We then all got back on the bus with Mainor and headed off to the Finca for another day of work. We all split up into various groups to complete the tasks of the day. The most fun job was washing the two dogs Prez and Princess which was much harder than it seemed. Everybody cleaning them got soaking wet! There was a lot of painting today with tasks ranging from creating a beautiful mural of a sunny mountainside and people holding hands to painting the fire pit area. The hardest job of the day was moving the wheelbarrows of sand up and down the hills to the beach. It was hard work but very rewarding and surprisingly fun when we timed how fast we could move a full barrow all the way there and back. Lunch was a nice break from our work. We had a very good pizza that filled us all up. At the end of our time at the Finca, many of the girls had their nails painted by a woman living on the Finca. For dinner, we had burgers and corn. After dinner, we saw a movie about a boy who lived during the El Salvadorian civil war (Voces Innocentes).