Location: Marina Cay

We started at Anegada and sailed for 4 hours to Trellis Bay where the group split into two. One group to go to an organic farm overlooking the valley and the other to paint a historic boat. The name of the boat was Gli-Gli and was a recreation of a Carib boat. The Caribs were the native Caribbean tribe that was sadly pushed off their land by the English. To do something for what was left of the tribe, Aragon, a local metal worker, and a master canoe maker went and built Gli-Gli using traditional techniques and a chainsaw. Then it went sailing down the coast of the BVI reconnecting the remnants of the tribes. Our job was to strip and repaint the boat. After finishing the boat, we were given some free time to get food and whatnot. Following the free time we got back on the boat and had a successful docking to get fuel and water. A little after we filled up both AQ and Lifeworks gathered to listen to the emotional speech. Then sleeping happened.