Location: Delhi to Dharamsala

After beginning our day with a delicious breakfast at our hotel in New Delhi, we departed for the airport to head out to Dharmasala. To the relief of everyone in the group, the flight remained on time, and our journey was short, smooth and enjoyable. Following some remotely spicy “honey-ginger-lemon tea” at our new hotel, we were given a tour of Dharmasala. From the gorgeous idols and paintings within the various Buddhist temples to the heartbreaking tales of the Tibetan refugees found at the Tibet Museum, Dharmasala is a thoroughly captivating and remarkable city. When finished with our tour, we took a short walk along a foggy, cliffside path, where we encountered Buddhist monks, two kinds of monkeys, sleepy cows and stray dogs. Once finished, our group made the steep hike back into town for some warm Masala tea. Our incredible first day in Dharmasala came to an end with a tasty Tibetan meal and another dose of “honey-ginger-lemon tea” back at the hotel.