Location: Ollantaytambo

Author: Andrew Location: Ollantaytambo Today was our first full day in Ollantaytambo, and we went to the school called “Our Small Hands.” This is a school for children who live in the mountains surrounding the town who have an average of a two-hour walk to the school. We started with sharing songs and dances with the students of the school who liked it very much. Then, we split up and taught different grades English lessons. After, we moved on to start building the greenhouse the school much needed to grow vegetables for the children. We did things like making adobe mud, digging up dead grass, and carrying and applying bricks. We then took a “siesta” lunch where we ate chicken salad surrounded by yellow potato pie. We worked on the greenhouse for the rest of the afternoon and headed home. We went to see the local shops for the first time and had dinner at a very good restaurant as well.