Location: Ollantaytambo

Today was an early morning wake-up to prepare for a 3-hour bus ride to our next hotel. While many of us assumed this meant time to listen to Evan’s playlist or catch up on sleep, we were in for a shock. The ride consisted of 4 stops – the first was an Incan historical site where we climbed added stairs to the many we’ve already done in Cuzco. The best part was the second stop: the alpaca/llama farm. Everyone had fun feeding, petting, and taking pictures with the different types of alpacas. The third stop was a buffet lunch before our final stop of mountain biking. The ride was 1.5 hours for most, while some continued for an extra half hour before the bus collected everyone to bring us to the new hotel. We ended a long day with dinner and a chat about why we are here to do service and what it means. After the heavy conversation, some of the group decided to “relax” with some tea and a show.