Location: Ollantaytambo

We woke up at 7:30 for breakfast, and we had mini pancakes with traditional fruits. After breakfast, we all changed into our bathing suits for an action-packed day. After everyone was ready, we were on our way to a lake where we were going to paddle board. We had an instructor show us the basic steps on how to do it and right after everyone hopped on board and started to paddle. The instructor led us into meditation in the middle of the lake. After paddle boarding, we had a lunch made for us that included avocados, plantains, and Peruvian potatoes. Once we finished, we all packed up and went to a textile place nearby where they showed us how Peruvians make their supplies. We learned how to make detergent and colors out of insects and roots. We were given time to walk around and buy gifts etc. Once the day was coming to an end, we came back for candlelit dinner (it was actually because the power was out!) at a local Ollantaytambo restaurant and walked around the city for a little bit.