Location: Ollantaytambo

Today we woke up and ate breakfast as usual. After we took a 40-minute van ride, we went to our first activity. We painted and made small clay pots. We all took turns to make them. Afterward, we learned how they made chicha and drank it. It’s kind of like kombucha. There we took a short walk to the place where they make chocolate. We peeled the cacao seeds, and then we placed them in a grinding machine. Then they brought us hot chocolate and bars that were so good. We took a short walk through a beaten path to lunch. Lunch was fun and tasted amazing. Then we walked to a BEE FARM and learned how they make honey. We got to hold the bees in our hands which was terrifying yet exciting all at the same time. Then we took a short drive to “My Small Help” to have a small party. We met some of the other volunteers from around the world. We finished there and came back to the hotel. We all hung out the rest of the night while eating pizza and listening to music.