Location: Anegada

Starting the morning off with some amazing french toast and cereal made by Griffin and the chefs, the Ewak crew was ready to set sail to Anegada. Due to back-to-back fresh water shower days, we needed to stop at the docks and refill the water tanks before we set sail. Being the skipper for the day, I was able to drive the boat to Anegada. Having never driven a huge catamaran, I got a quick briefing from our skipper, Charlotte. After that, we were ready to go. It was a smooth sail, the weather was perfect, and everyone was having a good time. After the two and a half hour sail, we arrived in Anegada. We ate a quick grilled cheese lunch and headed to land. Onshore, we had a friendly trash collecting competition. We needed to find certain pieces of trash on the beach, such as a shoe or an intact glass bottle. The walk turned out to be around five miles, and at the end of this, everybody was ready to come back to Ewak and enjoy a nice Mexican dinner. We concluded the day by merging the two GoBeyond boats and determining the winner of the trash collecting game