Location: Anegada

Today was fine (inside joke). The day started with an early 6:30 wake up and bagels and yogurt for breakfast. We then took our dingy, Shadow, to shore to start our turtle adventures! After a taxi ride to Old Anegada Yacht Anchorage, turtles started coming in like bees to honey. When the turtles get to the dock, we measure, photograph, tag, and release; but that was the easy part! To catch the turtles, you have to jump out of a moving boat into shallow water and grab their slippery shells. My group of 3 ended up catching a tiny turtle we named Gary a.k.a. Garebear. Some of the other names ranged from Green Mamba to Dolphin to Rat. Once we finished tagging the turtles we had shore time, and with their free time, most people called home, reconnected to the outside world, and bought whatever their heart desired. Personally, I bought a shirt with a map of the BVI on the back. When we got back to Ewak, we showered, cleaned our cabins, and are currently making an amazing dinner that includes chicken caesar salad and risotto. Later, we are comparing our finds from yesterday’s scavenger hunt.