Location: Ollantaytambo

Hola Parents, today we woke up and had an amazing breakfast filled with different types of granola, yogurts, fruits, and eggs. We then put on our bathing suits and warm clothes to get on the bus to the lake for paddle boarding and lunch. Once we were there, we were able to get on wetsuits and get ready to paddleboard. Me and six other people got on a big paddleboard and worked together to pass other people in the water. Rhonin and I were on the front of the board directing the group. We all went out on the lake together and did fun challenges as a group. Jacob and I also did backflips off of our boards. Once we were all tired, we paddled back in to enjoy the amazing view and laid down on beds and hammocks by the water. We had chicken, potatoes, fruit, avocado, and some amazing vegetables for lunch. Once we were done eating and all enjoyed a little sun, we gathered our things together and got on the bus to head to a textile shop.

The shop was filled with an amazing handmade sweater, blankets, scarves, and even some jewelry. There were also alpacas for us to pet. Some of us even bought popsicles at the stand in the handcraft association filled with women from around the communities. We then got back on the bus for an hour and a half back to the hostel in Ollantaytambo. Next, we got to choose from three different options of arepas, a Venezuelan dish. After dinner, we all watched a movie together. Then Jose took a few of us out to the stores to purchase a snack for the night. Once we got back, we went to our rooms and had bonding time. Today I learned how to paddle a large paddleboard with six people on it and how the warm and cozy sweaters and blankets are made in Peru. It was a great experience and an amazing way to bond with new people.