Location: Vixen Point, Gorda Sound

Today I was the skipper, Izzy. We started with an early morning and motored from Mountain Point to Gorda Sound. We visited Robinson O’Neal elementary school to run and organize games and to help the sixth-grade class with their community service project. The children in the school were excited from the start. The entire morning consisted of face paint, bracelets, piggyback rides, and jump rope with all of the little kids that were not in class. Behind the school, the rest of us were working on the community service project where the group painted and arranged tires to look like animals (including minions). After lunch, the morning activities with the kids continued, and the community service project had been completed. After a long day, we motored to Vixen Point where the night was going to be concluded with a beach barbecue at Prickly Pear Island. Great food, DJ Heavy Beats, and interacting with the other ActionQuest boats were a great way to conclude such an eventful day.