Location: Ollantaytambo

Our day began a little later than usual, and off we went to another beautiful school to work at. This school is for disabled children and today was a special day for them, so they were able to get out of school earlier, at 1:30 pm. As for the Go Beyond group, we all began in the garden, planting, and weeding. Our second job consisted of painting on the ground, such as a giant ladybug, a numbered snake, and the days of the week. We then broke for a quick lunch before heading back to our paintings, except for Bella, who decided to work in the classroom with a couple of students left. Our afternoon under the sun was spent finishing the final touches of our paintings, then sanding and painting tires. Our day ended, and we all returned to the hostel after this long day of work. After relaxing and showering, we ate dinner at this very nice restaurant (El Albergue Ollantaytambo) next to the train station. And this was our day!