Location: Savanna Bay, Virgin Gorda

Members of the Dallas Blonde had an early morning, with some waking up around 7:00 am to start working out on the roof of the boat. The workout consisted of core exercises and cardio. The rest of the crew woke up around 7:30 am to start getting ready for the day. Cam and Rainey started working on our breakfast, French toast, around 7:40 am. The process involved mixing eggs, milk, and cinnamon in a pan and dipping the toast in them. Breakfast was ready to eat around 9:15 am. After breakfast, we had a talk about plastics. We learned about the 7 different kinds of plastic and the importance of recycling. The lesson was followed by a discussion about what roles that the government, corporations, and individuals play in addressing climate change. The second half of our morning consisted of taking a hike across the island to the windward side of the island. We spent a couple of hours picking up some of the trash on the shore. Most of the trash was bottle caps, plastic bottles, and fishing nets. We had about five bags full of trash when we were done. The group took the trash and recycling back to the boat, where we stored it in our dinghy to throw away later. Mac and cheese were promptly prepared when we came back to the boat for lunch. After our lunch, we got ready for an afternoon on the beach at Savannah Bay, Virgin Gorda. Lots of sunscreen was applied before the group was brought over to the shore by dinghy. When at the beach, people decided to do some snorkeling, diving, tanning, swimming, and play sports. The group and I thoroughly enjoyed our beach time, as we got to wind down and have some fun. We had beach time for a couple of hours until we headed back to the boat to get dinner ready and take showers. During shower time, many members of the Dallas Blonde crew decided to have a shaving party and shave on the edge of the boat. Crew members also found enjoyment in putting on goggles and diving while also washing hair in the ocean. We saw many benign jellyfish, along with a stinging one that we rapidly swam away from. I was taking my sweet time rinsing out my conditioner until I looked underwater around me and saw a barracuda (many big teeth) no more than 10 feet away from me. We got out in a hurry and rinsed with fresh water. For dinner, we grilled garden “burgers.” The grilled burgers were delicious and tasted like real meat, in my opinion. We had baked beans and mashed potatoes with the garden “burgers,” which were also delicious. After dinner, we did a group activity. The group activity was a forum, a sort of discussion, on the “Ripple Effect.” We discussed how having a positive/negative attitude can affect how others feel and act. A discussion was held, where people took pieces of paper with questions on them outside of a folder and asked the group. Although the group got off task multiple times, people continued to share their answers and opinions to the questions. We circled around and complimented the person on our right. After we wrapped up our hour-and-a-half conversation, everyone got ready for bed and set up their hammocks and beds. It was a good day on the Dallas Blonde.

XOXO, #fem