Location: Muskmelon Bay, Guana Island

We woke up this morning very anxious to start the day. One of the first things we were told today was that all the adults were leaving us alone on the boat for an hour and a half. We were given strict instructions to clean the place up, not die, make french toast for breakfast, and again not die. So we threw a huge party without them knowing. Just kidding everyone did what they were told (while listening to some music). Then when they returned, we set sail ready to have some fun. We only drove the boat out for around 30 minutes to our next location. We arrived in Muskmelon Bay and docked ourself next to Ewak (the other boat), and then the fun began. At first, we were all taken around the corner in separate dinghies (after splashing each other) to see birds called boobys. We all started out snorkeling; then everyone took turns wakeboarding, kneeboarding, and water skiing on the dinghies. Whenever someone would stand up or get on their knees, it was followed by everyone aboard the dinghy celebrating. Personally while kneeboarding I felt like a seal being dragged behind a boat during shark week, but regardless it was so much fun. It was amazing to see everyone’s smiles when they stood up. Zests (basically little sailboats) were also ridden but at times got a little out of control. Also, shout out to JB and Elliot for making some delicious quesadillas while everything was going on. I can’t wait for what’s going to happen tomorrow!