Location: Marina Cay

The day started at 8:45. Most people woke up surrounded by friends, while others woke up from the beautiful ocean saying “good morning.” After breakfast, there was a bit of free time, and 15 minutes later, it was time to sail. Everyone pitched in to raise the secondary and primary anchor. The skipper of the day (Jaxie, aka me) drove for 2 hours until we reached Marina Cay. We met Ewak (the other boat) at Marina Cay to go snorkeling together. To make sure that the boats would stay together, we tied them together. Everyone helped with throwing and catching lines.

Both boats then started to get ready to snorkel. It didn’t take long for everyone to get ready, especially when the staff told us what we were looking for, Lionfish. Snorkeling at Marina Cay is truly an amazing experience. Not only did we see a Lionfish, we also saw Lobsters, Sea Urchins, Angelfish, Balloonfish, Squirrelfish, Spotted Trunkfish, and more. Everyone left the water with a huge smile on their face, even though most of us were tired. We set sail to the dock to fill up our water tanks – that was only a short sail. The anchors dropped, and then it was time to start making dinner. Dinner is usually one of the best parts of the day; everyone comes together and shares their thoughts and feelings. If no one feels like talking, we can always count on Nazz and JB to fill the silence. All in all, today was another amazing day on Anamcara, with amazing students and staff.