Location: Sandy Spit, Green Cay

Today we began our morning to some lovely music and the smell of pancakes. We then jumped into our morning routine where we all interacted in our typical morning conversations. After breakfast, the dishies experienced an intense morning due to the loss of 3 cups, two of which were thankfully recovered by Zack who dove in after them. Tensions were running high, but we managed to get the job done in time to head off for a morning of work on Jost Van Dyke. On the island, we moved dirt and rocks to aid the irrigation process of the garden. After that, we grabbed lunch at the world famous Foxy’s bar to eat. I had a roti, which consists of curry chicken, chili peppers and mango chutney it was delicious. After Foxy’s, we headed back to the gardens to make a compost pile for Justine. We then returned to Fire Bolt and retrieved our masks and snorkels to clean the underside of a traditional Tortolan Sloop, Endeavor II we got an exciting visit from a Remora, everybody was utterly shocked due to its shark-like appearance. Fortunately, BZ and Hannah told us that the Remoras are harmless which reassured us. Satisfaction filled us as we walked away from the project. After showering, we raced into the eye of the rainstorm in our quest to Sandy Spit. Once there, we enjoyed a lovely evening filled with good food, photo-shoots and our ActionQuest compatriots.

This is Clarence “Clay” C. signing off.