Location: Savannah Bay, Virgin Gorda

Today my role on Grins was skipper, the student who is in charge of all boat operations and also cleans the deck after meals. As skipper, my duty this morning was to wake the student up. We then had breakfast underway because we had to travel to a different island to play with local school children. Bragado Flax, the school we went to, was located on the island Virgin Gorda. At the school, we split up into different groups to play with different grade levels of children. The majority of my group’s time was spent with grade one. All the student were so happy and excited to see us, and they most definitely welcomed us with open arms. We played a myriad of games such as Red Light Green Light Duck Duck Goose and a few games that the student taught us. We also painted faces, and the school children painted ours. We all had a great time playing with the kids, and it was tough to say goodbye. We walked from the school back to the docks, changed, and then went back to land for lunch and to make phone calls to our parents, although some of us were unable to do so because there was little cell phone service. After our time on shore, we traveled to one of the most popular places in the British Virgin Islands, The Baths in Devil’s Bay. It was beautiful, with natural arches and huge boulders scattered everywhere on the beach. Over time the boulders came together to form caves on the beach, which were so cool to explore in and out of. When we came back from The Baths, a few of us did laundry while we waited for the others to finish taking their first fresh water shower since they got to the British Virgin Islands. For dinner we had chili. Today was a great day!