Location: Spanish Town, Virgin Gorda

Captains log, it is day three of our Caribbean journey. We awoke this morning to our fearless skipper waking up the crew, who were all eagerly awaiting breakfast. We set sail for Virgin Gorda Yacht Harbor, also known as Spanish Town. Our plan for the day included helping beautify a local school (Little Valley Day School) and teaching local youth to swim. After arriving at Spanish Town, we gathered our gear for beautifying the school. Our plans for the school mainly consisted of painting the exterior. Hence our gear was primarily geared towards this goal. Among the painting equipment, we also brought shovels, pickaxes, a chainsaw, rakes, and Jackie Chan, further proving the thesis that no one person can name five things that aren’t Jackie Chan. We worked tirelessly on the school and managed to not only to paint the school but also refurbish many of the school’s outdoor equipment. We then changed into our swimwear and made our way towards the local beach to teach the local youth to swim. Boy did those kids swim! After a long day of serving the community, our hands were dirty, feet tired, and the spirit of Jackie Chan could be felt within us all. We enjoyed a dinner of pasta Alfredo cooked by our five-star chefs, Myles and Koko. Our bellies were full, and our eyes were drooping as we settled down under the great Caribbean sky desperate to serve the community for another tiring day.