Location: Anegada

Hello, this is Emily King, live and on the blog. Welcome to tape number 9, or day 9. I’m here to tell you all about my day and let me just say it was gnarlyyyyy. Today we went turtle tagging, and if I’m honest…Girl…I was nervoussssss. But I was okay. When we got there, some people were setting up the work area, where they would tag the turtles. There was another group (3-4 people and a staff member) that got on a skiff (a boat), and then went to get the turtles. Carson, Tia, Nye and I were on a skiff together with our staff member Jordan. This means we were destined for greatness…Or so I thought. Don’t get me wrong we were the dream team but finding the turtle took an abnormally long time compared to the other groups. All the other groups took around 30 minutes….our group took…over…two..hourssss. But it was lime (that means chill in the BVI). We saw three turtles, but they all got away. Our hopes stayed high as we sang ” I can feel it coming in the air tonight…” (I don’t know the name of the song). Then finally we found a turtle. She was destined to be named ‘Shalissa.’ We followed her with the skiff, and then when the time was right, I pounced into the two feet of water, hoping to catch Shalissa. Unfortunately, I didn’t get her. So, my good pal Tia jumped in to help me. She scared Shalissa towards me. I think Shalissa was star struck when she saw me, so she swam back to Tia. Tia then picked Shalissa out of the water very carefully. We got this whole thing on video, and it was so funny. After that, we brought Shalissa back to the dock, where they carefully tagged and took care of her. This is how every fabulous day should end along with a bit of shore-time, and dinner. 😉  TOMMOROW’S KURTS BIRTHDAYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!