Location: San Cristobal, Galapagos

Between the service work we completed this afternoon, the amount of pizza we consumed this evening for dinner, and the Swedish dance we exhibited for anyone in town tonight (no shame), today was certainly a day that kept me impressed throughout. All day the team was buzzing with energy, but one particular detail stood out to everyone, even the locals in town. As we painted the walls of the Pedro Pablo Elementary School, despite the meticulous work and the hot sun, our group continuously found ways to keep the energy level and positivity high. Half the group entertained themselves by singing songs that even the townspeople heard and later commented on, finding it amazing that we were able to complete the work with such enthusiasm despite all the tedious jobs that were to be done. There was a constant buzz of chatter going on throughout the day and even some paint fights, but regardless of some minor distractions we completed the task successfully, and the work certainly paid off. (Almost) Even more impressive was the amount of pizza we ate tonight for dinner, and lastly our Swedish dance in the middle of the town led by Leo and Lisa stunned whoever was fortunate enough to witness it. Overall, our first full day of community service was a successful challenge!