Location: Road Harbor, Tortola

After Sydney’s Peace and Love barbecue Elliot let us sleep in until 7:45. When we woke up, we were underway sailing to Road Town Tortola to volunteer at a dog show. We ate French toast and fruit for breakfast, which was delicious. When we got to the dog show we each picked jobs that we thought we would be good at. I, Alyssa, and Izzy decided to work at the food station. We set up all the condiments, lettuce, tomatoes and onions. Then we waited for the charcoal to come for the grill. When we got the charcoal, we fired up the grill and threw burgers and hot dogs on. The hot dog and burger buns were frozen, so we had to cut them in half and put them on the grill. The food station was really busy for like an hour, and then it calmed down. Other jobs around the dog show were managing the bouncy castle, water slide, clothing tent, and the garage sale. An awesome part of the day saw all the cute puppies that were around for the dog show. There we so many puppies it was the best thing in the world. The dog show was cool and funny. At one point, a dog in the obedient category ran completely out of the ring. After everyone left, we cleaned up the dog show and went back to our boat. I sailed us all the way to our anchorage without crashing our boat, which I think is a big accomplishment. While we were sailing back, Quinn opened the foc’s’le and let one of our blue lagoon cushions fly off the boat, which we had to turn around and get. We anchored, and then everyone showered. Then we had rice, beans and hot dogs for dinner. Because I was the skipper of the day, I got to ask everyone a question during the squeeze. My question was: If you were a dog what kind of dog would you be. My turn came around, and I started to say that I would be a chubby beagle like my dog at home. Then all of a sudden I couldn’t stop laughing and Elliot started laughing too. Then randomly the whole dinner table was just in tears laughing. Then Elliot remembered the time I fell off the bench of the cockpit while I was napping. The whole dinner table was just laughing at all the times I have fallen. I am not kidding when I say the 14 of us were just in tears laughing. It happened five minutes ago, and it is my favorite part of the trip, I have never laughed that hard in my life. I thought I laughed out for the night; I was wrong. While we were all cleaning up Quinn was laying down, and Alyssa tickled his foot, and he shrieked in the most high pitched scream I have ever heard, and the whole group of us just fell to the floor laughing again. Today was a good day; I know this because my stomach hurts from all the laughing. Now we’re all gonna finish watching Moana, but I’ll probably fall asleep like last the last time we watched. Goodnight!!!