Location: Marina Cay

We woke up bright and early to some soothing music played by yours truly, Gwen. As we made our rounds for breakfast and got ready for the day, we made our way on to the dinghies and moved onto shore in our last day in Anegada. Our boat along with some Beez was split up into three separate teams, the skipper team (lead by Gwen and BZ), the fun team (lead by Will and Alisa), and the nerd team (lead by Shaun and Hannah). The three teams made their ways to three distinct starting locations along the coast of Anegada, going from Anegada Reef Hotel to Cowreck Beach to Windlass Bight to Loblolly Bay. From these starting points, each team set out to find the unique items of trash that would fit into one of the categories on the scavenger hunt list. My team made its way from Cowreck Beach to Windlass Bight and at the end the hike, we got to explore the surrounding area where we ended up seeing 6-foot long nurse sharks and got to walk to into the ocean on a huge sandbar. As the three teams finished up, we made our way back to Anegada Reef Hotel and got to shop at the local shops for souvenirs, snacks, and drinks for the boat. Shore time wrapped up after about an hour, and we got to get back on the boat and head back to Tortola on about a two-hour sail. We finally made it Marina Cay where we capped the night off with a group activity on with our shipmates.