Location: Reykjavik

Today, we were woken up and treated to a delicious breakfast of eggs and bacon. We were all looking forward to our day out in the city. Before that, we had some time at the local pool. Icelanders love going to the pool! We all tried the different temperature hot tubs, the ice bath, and the waterslides. After that, we all rinsed off and got ready for our packed day. And…. We all got our phones back (for good!!) so we could navigate through the city alone. My group (Max, Ava, Kiran, Nola, and I) started our city day at the food haul, all eating various munchies. Max and I got pizza, Ava got pasta, and Kiran and Nola got tacos. The other group (Renzo, JD, Ciara, Emily, Ellie, Zora, and Thea) had smoothies and sandwiches. We went out on the town and SHOPPED TIL WE DROPPED BABYYYY!!!! We all met up at around 5 p.m. and had a delicious meal of fish and chips. Robbie did not think it was delicious cause he threw all of it up after about 10 mins. Lol.

We’re now all sitting around talking about all of the memories we shared, trying not to cry. Many tears will be shed. I’ll miss these people. I like them enough to cry over them. Thanks for the mems, Iceland