Location: San Jose

Service Lifeworks style: Any act was done with empathy and compassion to improve the lives of others or yourself no matter how big or small. It was the first day of work, and the experiences have already been so rewarding. We traveled to La Carpio to build a sidewalk for the local families. We started our day with the typical Nutella and toast and then walked through the streets towards our first job site. The sun was beating down on us, be we kept up the hard work, many of us admitting a liking for the feeling of sore muscles, aching backs and blistered hands. These constant pains were a high rather than a low since it made us as if we made a real difference. No pain, no gain and this was the case in this situation. From mixing cement to playing with the local children, it made us all a more compassionate team. Spending a long day in this big-hearted community caused us to develop a stronger understanding of poverty, struggle and our ability to be grateful for what we have back in our privileged homes.