Location: Galapagos Islands

Starting the day with a knock on the door by me is how the Darwin crew began their second day of community service. We loaded up the bus and went on our way to a wonderful plant nursery in the highlands. Ready to go, we were greeted with kind staff and a huge pile of dirt calling our names. After packing just about 563 soil sacks, the ‘john’ was beckoning, leading a few students into the large bathroom also known as the hundreds of surrounding trees. We took a short lunch break, but soon a new project kicked off. Together, the group planted 810 seedlings. Yes, that’s right, 810! The day was not over yet; the group split in two, one weeding and the other pruning the sprouting trees. After finishing a large portion of the up and coming plants, we were finally finished. Although our backs were aching, smiles spread across our faces with an overwhelming sensation of pride. We had just started the process for the cultivation of over 500 trees of an indigenous species. If that does not amaze you, I do not know what will. Coming back from the plant nursery, we were given free time in which many people chose to relax and reflect on the great things we accomplished earlier in the day. At 5:00 we all got together and shared what we thought community service was. After we were finished, we headed to dinner and ended the night with some delicious ice cream. Tomorrow we will visit a school and do service there. Everyone is extremely excited about the upcoming service and for the rest of the trip to go on.