Location: Anegada

So today was a full day of turtles. Our day began with Jules going around yelling “Turtles, Turtles, Turtles!” while jumping up and down. Once we got to the fisherman’s wharf to turtle tag, we had to be extremely quiet. A little while after we got there, a group of people and I got in the small boat and headed out to catch a turtle. Five to ten minutes later, we came back with a turtle that we later named Jaws. His name came from the bite mark that looks as if could be from a shark on his left lower shell. After we brought him back, we did a bunch of different measurements and tagged him technically three times, one of each of his fins and a “pit tag,” which is in his neck. Very surprisingly, he didn’t flinch until we had to put him back in the water. Jaws was the chilliest turtle ever and had a great day with him and all the Lifeworks family.