Location: Road Harbor, Tortola

Yes, there have been many early mornings over on Lifeworks but this morning was rather eventful. First, I woke up to the lovely voice of Shaun singing “Girls Just Want to Have Fun.” Then after getting sidetracked by talking with my roommates, we had eggs and sautéed veggies waiting for us in the cockpit. Shortly after that, we headed over to VISAR. Medical Supervisor Nigel talked to us about the program. After many questions, we got to work and cleaned up the area while admiring the huge orange dinghy hung up in the middle of the workspace. A hard workday in the yard and the office called for some ramen noodles, which got us all filled up, and we worked hard for the rest of the day. Following the bumpy dinghy ride back home, we took another sneaky freshwater shower at the Moorings dock, in Road Town. We had a little bit of time on shore as we waited for the staff to come back with boxes of pizza. I don’t know what was in those pizza boxes, but it got everyone jumping. Everyone was jumping around on the bow and impersonating animals while being videotaped. Then we finally arrived at Great Harbor at Peter Island and rafted up to the other boat and are about to start our evening program.