Location: Sommer's Beach, Tortola

Today started with an early wake up in Muskmelon Bay and an immediate call to put on PFDs for a motor over to Tortola. We ate cereal underway, with a couple of extra spoons kindly and unknowingly donated by Moko Jumbie. We were headed to East End Tortola to pick up the YEP (Youth Empowerment Program) students. This is a group of kids of all ages who live in a poor socio-economic area, and YEP provides a place to keep them out of trouble. We started getting to the know them on our boat through our favorite and only games: evolution and an Indian chief. Then we took them over to a beach on Great Camino and spent the morning cleaning for the national parks trust under the instruction of Ranger Ronald. We were supposed to spend the entire day with them, but after lunch, they had to return to their facility because it had unfortunately flooded. This meant we had time to do some boat appreciation and clean everything. We also got to return to Trellis Bay for shore time, which equals calling moms, eating cookies and all buying the same shirt. After shore time we motored on over to Sommer’s Beach, to meet up with ActionQuest for a huge barbecue on the beach. We had a quick swim before an early Squeeze. The Squeeze is a nightly tradition where the skipper of the day (me) reads an inspirational quote and then asks the group any question from funny to deep. Everyone answers the question and shares the best part of the day. Tonight’s was quick because we were all excited to go to the beach for the BBQ and the AQ boys. When it started getting dark some of the ActionQuest instructors fire juggled, which was awesome, but the best part is that we got to take the extra pasta salad. The day ended with down below freshwater showers and just hanging out.